For us, boundaries are just challenges waiting to be conquered, and innovation is the beating heart of our pursuits.

Defying the laws of

Embodying the very essence of defying the laws of physics, the all-new Lacama stands as a testament to the unyielding expertise cultivated by Italian Volt, drawing upon the unparalleled knowledge base of the esteemed Tazzari Group.

Since 2010,
a history of creative
and lateral thinking.

At the core of its brilliance lies an ultralight frame, a product of a seamless fusion of aluminum, skillfully manufactured in the renowned TAZZARI foundries. This unique framework provides not only the ultimate in safety but also unleashes unparalleled performance, facilitating an unprecedented level of agility and control. The direct transmission system, facilitated by a reinforced high-density carbon fiber belt, further accentuates the bike’s prowess, guaranteeing an unmatched riding experience that defies conventional limitations.

Dedication to Perfection

Our dedication to perfection is evidenced through the integration of over 18 years of specialized experience in the electric vehicle industry, ensuring that Lacama represents the epitome of precision engineering and technological advancement, setting a new standard for electric motorcycles worldwide. Discover the groundbreaking fusion of engineering prowess and Italian design finesse – Lacama is not just a motorcycle; it’s a manifestation of engineering brilliance, meticulously crafted for those who demand nothing less than excellence.

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