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LACAMA Monoposto is the most essential and selfish model of the Italian Volt range. Geometric and solid, arrogant and elegant at the same time.

bold, intentional, unprecedented, minimal.

The LACAMA Monoposto, a testament to precision engineering and minimalist design, redefines the electric motorcycle experience. With its single-seat configuration, this geometric masterpiece exudes a rational elegance that seamlessly blends the timeless aesthetics of a café racer with the sporty spirit of innovation. Each line and curve of the LACAMA Monoposto is a calculated statement, an embodiment of form-follows-function philosophy. It’s not just a motorcycle; it’s a symphony of electric power and Italian craftsmanship, offering riders a dynamic and electrifying journey through the streets of tomorrow.

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The customer creates his motorbike by choosing the Design and color of both the FRONT TYPE (in 10 Design variants) and the BODY TYPE (in both two-seater and single-seater variants).
22 colors are also available for painting the frame and swingarm, making the bike truly unique.
20 colors of eco-leather available for the saddles, with high comfort thanks to memory gel technology.

Lacama monoposto
Tech Specs

The most essential and selfish model of the Italian Volt range. Geometric and solid, arrogant and elegant at the same time. Discover the unique features of LACAMA Monoposto

  • Type: Axial Flux PMSM
  • Peak efficiency: 98%
  • Power: 110 kW – 150 CV
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Torque: 230 Nm
  • Torque at the wheel: 774 Nm
  • Power supply: 100% electric, zero emissions
  • Voltage: 400 V

  • Riding mode: 4 riding modes: Rocket!, Sport, Eco, Wet
    Adjustable regenerative braking in 4 levels: 0 – 1 – 2 – 3
  • Dashboard: 5″ TFT display 16.7 million colors
  • Traction Control: Adjustable traction control in 5 levels: Ultrsafe, Drive, Race, Race Pro, Off, Launch Control System
  • Safety equipment: Cornering ABS, Traction control, Anti-wheelie with 6 axis inertial platform
  • Keyless system: Electric steering lock
  • Reverse gear: Electronic

  • Max speed: 230 km/h
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h: 3.4 sec
  • Range: Urban cycle 257 km

  • Technology: Tazzari EV Fluid Battery System – BMS Tazzari EV – NCA Samsung Batteries with cells immersed directly in dielectric liquid that performs conditioning (cooling, heating, fireproof insulation) thanks to the Fluid Battery System developed by Tazzari EV Technology.
  • Battery charger: Integrated 3.3 kW and DC Fast charging with CCS2
  • Battery Guard System: Automatic battery maintenance and balancing management during periods of inactivity
  • Recharging cable: Complete with Control Box for home charging as standard

  • Frame: Single-piece aluminium casting frame
  • Swingarm: Single-piece aluminium casting frame
  • Fork: Multi-adjustable 43mm Öhlins fork
  • Mono shock absorber: Multi-adjustable Öhlins
  • Front brake: Brembo, double floating disc Ø 320 mm, 4-piston radial caliper
  • Rear brake: Brembo, single disc, Ø 245 mm, 2-piston caliper
  • Transmission: Belt with high-density carbon fibre traction cable
  • Rims: Spoked, front 17″ x 3.5″ / rear 17″ x 5.5″ with tubeless system
  • Tyres: Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 – front 120/70 ZR17 / rear 180/55 ZR17
    Alternative Choice tyres Pirelli MT60RS

  • Weight: 219Kg
  • Seat height: 817 mm
  • Length: 2110 mm
  • Width: 800 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1490 mm

  • Bodywork: Modular system, possibility to change bodywork between various 1 and 2-seater designs, choose BODY and FACE and change them quickly at any time
  • Painting: Customisable from 22 paint colours for BODY, FACE, frame and swingarm
  • Seat: Seats with GEL technology for superior comfort, choice of 20 colours of eco-leather, in various designs

  • Limited maximum speed: 170 km/h
  • Power: 82 hp
  • Torque: 140 Nm
  • Weight: 197 Kg

  • Warranty: 2 years

  • LACAMA: Starting from 31.800 € plus local taxes
  • LACAMA Hyperlight: Starting from 29.800 € plus local taxes

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LACAMA Monoposto is also available in a Hyperlight version, with lower weight and more relaxed performance.

Crave for lightness?

The HYPERLIGHT configuration is available with a total weight of 197 kg and a limited top speed of 170 km/h. Power and torque are 82 hp and 140 Nm, respectively.


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